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Salt Water PoolsSalt Water Pools - Salt water pools are meant to be better on the hair & skin, don't leave you with red eyes, can save you money over time + more advantages. Info and links of where to buy chlorine generators & salt water pool systems.

Salt water pool maintenance is not as expensive and time consuming as traditional swimming pools yet chlorine generators do require periodic cleaning to remove scale deposits that form.

Salt Water Pool Maintenance

One of the biggest advantages that salt water pool systems have over traditional swimming pools is that they require significantly less maintenance. This is because salt water systems have chlorine generators which produce chlorine from the salt water meaning you don't need to keep adding chlorine yourself.

Pool cleaning and maintenance (Click to enlarge)
Pool cleaning and maintenance

These chlorine generators do require periodic cleaning to remove scale deposits that form on the chlorinator cell's electrodes during normal operation. Scale occurs from the calcium and magnesium levels that are in the pool water or that are added via powdered chlorine, calcium chloride additions, or leaching from pebble or marble sheen surfaces. So some salt water pool maintenance is needed. (Taken from

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In The Swim - Salt Water Magic salt water pool maintenance packs are available to buy online from this website. Ships to the USA only.

Pool and Spa - Information & tips on cleaning and maintaining your swimming pool.

Pool Plaza - Information about salt water pool maintenance.

Salt Water Magic Chlorine Generator Monthly Maintenance Pack

Swimming pool maintenance (Click to enlarge)
Swimming pool maintenance
Price: $34.99
Ships to: USA
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Salt Water Magic products contain revolutionary technology, specifically engineered for pools using chlorine generators. This easy to use multi-mineral system simplifies start-up and allows your generator to work as designed. By providing the perfect pool water environment continually, your generator works less and also more efficiently. The result is longer generator life and the highest water quality possible.

Salt Water Pool Maintenance Tips

  • Keep the proper level of salt and stabilizer in the pool - If the salt level drops too low, the system will not be able to produce chlorine. Most systems have an indicator to show low salt levels.
  • Make sure the pool is running long enough to produce adequate chlorine - Pool timers should be set to run during the hottest daylight hours, this is when your chlorine usage is highest. The system will only produce chlorine while the pump is running so it's important to run the pool long enough.
  • Shocking a Pool (Superchlorination) - If the chlorine reading gets too low then it is important to superchlorinate the pool in order to quickly raise up the chlorine level to avoid unsanitary water.
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