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Commerical salt water swimming pools (Click to enlarge)
Commercial salt water swimming pools

Infomation on salt water swimming pools (Click to enlarge)
Infomation on salt water swimming pools

Salt water commerical swimming pools (Click to enlarge)
Salt water commercial swimming pools

Salt water pools are meant to be better on the hair & skin, don't leave you with red eyes, can save you money over time + more advantages. Info and links of where to buy chlorine generators & salt water pool systems.

Salt Water Pools

When it comes to sanitizing your pool, water home owners now have a more convenient and regulated method available to them. In the past the only way to add chlorine to a pool was to either use a tablet and let it dissolve though a feeder or to manually pour liquid chlorine into the water. These methods are still the most popular but Salt Water Chlorinating systems continue to grow in popularity. Yes salt water pools still use chlorine. The difference is that they make the chlorine themselves. (Taken from

Salt water swimming pools
Salt water swimming pools

They do this via a chlorine generator, this unit generates pure chlorine by passing the pool water (a saltwater solution) between titanium plates that are electrically charged. When the saltwater passes through this electrical field, a chemical reaction produces pure chlorine and some hydrogen gas. This treated (chlorinated) water enters the pool and within minutes kills any biological or bacterial growth. The remaining chlorine decomposes and breaks down with exposure to sunlight, and the dead biological material is removed from the pool by the pump and filter system. (Taken from

Apart from the obvious advantage of not having to keep buying and adding chlorine to your pool, many people also prefer swimming in salt water pools to traditional swimming pools. Swimming in a mild saline solution is much like taking a shower in soft water, the skin dries more slowly and there is no white chlorine related residue left on the skin. In a salt water pool the water feels smooth, your skin feels smooth and many people feel more refreshed. (Taken from

Chlorine GeneratorChlorine Generator - Chlorine generators like the IntelliChlor IC20 chlorine generator system and the Pool Pilot ST36 salt-chlorine generator kit mean you'll never have to buy chlorine for your pool again.

Salt Water Pool SystemsSalt Water Systems - Salt water pool systems such as Aqua Rite and Zodiac's Duo-Clear 25 create their own chlorine without the need for expensive chemicals which can cause skin irritation.

Autopilot Salt Chlorine GeneratorAutopilot Salt Chlorine Gen. - Autopilot salt chlorine generators such as the Pool Pilot Cubby and Pool Pilot DIG-36 purify your pool by producing chlorine via their salt conversion cells.

Salt Water Pool MaintenanceSalt Water Maintenance - Salt water pool maintenance is not as expensive and time consuming as traditional swimming pools yet chlorine generators do require periodic cleaning to remove scale deposits that form.

Saltwater Swimming PoolSwimming Pools - Saltwater swimming pools use salt instead of chemicals to produce chlorine making the water gentler on the skin. Manufacturers also claim that they are cheaper and easier to maintain than traditional swimming pools.

Intex Saltwater Pool SystemsIntex Pool Systems - Intex Saltwater Pool Systems use inexpensive, all-natural salt to constantly maintain your pool's water in a fresh, clean, sparkling condition with almost no effort or maintenance.

Clearwater Salt Water ChlorinatorsClearwater Chlorinators - Clearwater salt water chlorinators have been used in swimming pools to produce chlorine for more than 30 years. Models include; the LM3-40, C-170S and LM2-24.

All prices quoted on this page are indicative US prices at October 2006 - prices may change - please check with the retailer.

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H2O Pool Products - Article about the advantages and disadvantages of salt water pools.

eBay Guides - Useful guide about saltwater pools and chlorine generators.

About - Article containing useful information about chlorine generators and salt water pools.

Online Pool Supply - The featured Jandy Aqua Pure 1400 is available to purchase from this online retailer. Ships to the USA and Canada only.

Jandy Aqua Pure 1400 Salt Chlorinator

Price of salt water pools (Click to enlarge)
Aqua Pure Chlorinator
Price: $899.99
Ships to: USA & Canada
Buy online here

Utilizing ordinary salt, the electrolytic AquaPure cell generates free chlorine for your pool. As the salt in the water passes through the AquaPure cell, it converts to free chlorine and continuously kills bacteria and algae while maintaining the desired sanitization you need to keep your water pure and clean. When the chlorine is finished purifying the pool water, it converts back into salt and the whole cycle repeats.

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